Welcome to The Unblind Mind

This site is for those who are interested in exploring the power of the mind, spirituality and the supernatural. Can people really communicate with the dead or move objects with their mind using telekinesis? There are many who believe that our minds have great powers that can be tapped with a little practice. I myself have seen some pretty convincing things while doing research online and even while watching some documentaries on the subject.

There are many stories indicating that many people in ancient cultures all had great psychic abilities. As society developed, people slowly lost or had forgotten how to access or use these abilities. Consider the legend of Atlantis. Atlantis is thought to be a city that once thrived from about 28,000 BC to 10,000 BC. It is believed that the people of Atlantis were much like we are except that they had highly developed great psychic abilities.  They lived in great harmony with each other and their environment and were all interconnected and able to communicate using only the power of their minds. It is also believed that the Atlantians were frequently visited by extraterrestrials who provided them with great knowledge and provided them with a crystal which was said to be the source of all power for Atlantis.

So, where to now? Do people still have the ability to access these powers of the mind? I believe so. I believe that we all have the ability but these powers have been locked somewhere in our minds. The teachings of modern society have lead us to believe that things such as telekinesis, psychic ability, spiritual communication, etc are not real and that things are only real if they can be seen with our eyes or felt with our hands.

If you believe that the mind has great untapped powers, then this site is for you. I started it on 9/10/2013 and will be adding many more resources, stories, videos and more! Explore this site to learn how to tap further into your mind via hypnosis, meditation and deep concentration.

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