Learning Self-Hypnosis

How to Perform Self-Hypnosis

If you made it here, chances are you already read the sections on hypnosis and positive thinking. Now we are going to go through some easy steps you can follow to perform self hypnosis.

Step 1:

Find a relaxing, quiet and private area where you will not be disturbed by people or sounds for at least 30 min.

Step 2:

Sit in a comfortable chair, on the couch or in a bed. A chair or couch is recommended for starters as you are more likely to fall asleep while laying down on a bed. Make sure your arms and legs are flat and not crossed.

Step 3:

Close your eyes and try to rid your mind of any negative thoughts, fear, stress or anxiety. If you are new to this, you will probably find it hard to accomplish at first as you will notice that thoughts keep intruding. Don’t try to force the thoughts out of your mind but simply just observe them and let them melt away.

Step 4:

Recognize and release the tension in your body. Starting with your toes, imagine the tension slowly melting away and vanishing. Imagine the tension releasing from each part of your body, one at a time from your toes to your head. As the tension is released, imagine each part of your body becoming lighter and more relaxed. Start with your toes, then your feet, calves, thighs and so on until you have focused on removing the tension from every part of your body, including your face and head.

Step 5:

Take slow deep breaths using deep breathing (Diaphragmatic breathing) techniques. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose followed by a slow exhale through the mouth. When breathing in, imagine that the air is filled with energy and life.

Step 6:

Imagine that you are at the top of a set of stairs with 10 steps. At the 5th step of the stairs is water. Picture every detail of the stairs and your surroundings in your mind. Tell yourself that you are going to descend the stairs, with each step getting you closer to the bottom and closer to total relaxation. Picture each number in your mind and that with each step you descend, you become more relaxed. Keep focusing on the details of the steps and imagine what each step feels like against your feet. Feel the wood grain or the carpet against your feet. Once you reach the 5th step, imagine feeling the coolness of the water as your feet begin to get submerged. Imagine that the water is filled with energy and purity. As you continue down beyond the 5th step, feel the water against your body as it moves higher. You should now start to feel totally relaxed and maybe a bit numb. Let any worries be washed away in the water.

Step 7:

Once you are in the water, you may not feel much but a floating sensation. Now that you are in this hypnotic state, you can now begin addressing your problems and decide what you want to accomplish from here. Narrate to yourself what you are doing or feeling as if you were reading it from a book. Once you have decided what you want to accomplish during this session, imagine boxes in the water. Imagine yourself swimming out and opening the boxes and narrate to yourself what is happening as you are opening the boxes. For example, “As I open this box, I feel warm light and energy engulf my body. The light is full of new-found self confidence that will never leave”. Avoid using statements with any negativity. Instead of saying “I don’t want a bad attitude” say something like, “I will always feel calm and relaxed”. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to feel like a failure”, say something like, “I will always be successful and positive”. Repeat these statements at least a few times.

Step 8:

Once you feel satisfied with what you have accomplished and are ready to leave your hypnotic state. Feel yourself going back to the stairs and ascending back up the staircase. While you are going up, keep repeating the statements from the step above. Your body may feel heavy at this time but just wait on that step and continue repeating the statements. Continue ascending the stairs, counting each step and feeling the step beneath your feet.

Step 9:

Once you have reached the top of the stairs, keep your eyes closed for a bit. As you open your eyes, imagine you are looking through a window to the outside world. When you eyes are opened all the way, stand up and say “Wake Up” or “Wide Awake”. You should now be back into a conscious state of mind.

Practice, Practice!!

If you are unable to perform self-hypnosis after reading this guide, don’t worry! Most people are are going to have to try quite a few times. The most difficult part for most is voiding the mind of all thoughts. Our lives are very busy with work, family, bills, etc. and it is easy to get distracted. Just remember to keep trying and don’t give up. Also, be sure to check out the Hypnosis Audio Downloads and the Hypnosis Video’s sections as there are many other great methods you can try when performing self-hypnosis.


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