How to Develop Telekinesis

How to Develop Telekinesis

As mentioned earlier, I believe that telekinesis can be accomplished by anyone. It will take a lot of practice and determination. Here are some simple steps to help you get started.

Step 1:

First choose an object to move. Since you are just beginning, choose a very light object (paper, match, etc).

Step 2:

Imagine that the energy in the object and the energy in your body are the same. We all share energy with our surroundings.

Step 3:

Begin to realize and feel the energy that flows through your body.

Step 4:

Flex every muscle in your arm and keep them flexed for 10 seconds. Now relax your arm and feel the energy moving through it. The energy may feel like heat or an electrical sensation.

Step 5:

Learn to feel that sensation in your arms without having to move it or flex your arm muscles. Once you are able to accomplish this, try to sustain that steady feeling.

Step 6:

Find a cold area of the house or crank up the air to make it uncomfortably cold. Relax your body and try to control the energy that naturally warms your body. The more you can control the energy, the more you can control the energy that is used for useless things. With enough practice, you should be able to eventually send energy to any part of your body on demand. I am sure you have seen those guys that can sit in a tub of ice or swim in ice cold water without any drop in body temperature. Those people have mastered this skill and you can too.

Step 7:

Decide what you want to do with the object you wish to move (push, pull, spin, etc). I’m sure you have heard of people being able to levitate objects, but don’t focus on that yet as it is extremely hard to accomplish. Pushing an object is probably the simplest since you know what direction to move the energy in.

Step 8:

Focus the energy that you have learned to generate at the object. Try feeling the object and pay attention to its weight and how much physical energy it takes to move it. Try to match that physical energy with the energy you feel in your body when you are not making contact with the object.

Step 9:

Remember that a continuous flow of energy is needed and not bursts of energy. Get that continuous energy flowing through your body. That same energy you felt during step 5. Keep that energy focused on the object.

Step 10:

It is going to take a while before you can get the object to move and will require lots of practice. Make sure you stop when you begin to feel physically or mentally tired and try again once your fatigue is back to normal.


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