What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the ability to move or manipulate objects with the power of ones mind. There has been so much evidence presented that it is hard to discount its existence, however there has yet to be 100% scientifically viable proof that it does exist.

Does Telekinesis Really Exist?

Well, that all depends on who you ask. Ask just about any scientist and they will tell you that it does not. There are many skeptics out there but there are also a large number of believers. There are many famous cases that can be researched that make it hard to believe that some people posses these powers on some level. Remember Uri Geller? He was featured on TV many times demonstrating his telekinetic ability to bend spoons, stop trains and restart broken watches. Many years ago, I saw a live show with him and thousands of spectators. The spectators each held spoons in their hand and even donated hundreds of broken watches. All were amazed when he was able to bend the spoons in their hand and watch as a live broadcaster saw these broken watches work again!

Think about this fact. There are 2 types of energy we use with our bodies. There is energy constantly running through our body that keeps us moving and breathing. Then there is energy that we obtain through food, known as chemical energy. This energy cannot be seen but is very real. If you know the laws of thermodynamics, then you know that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be converted from one form of energy to another.  Telekinesis simply involves the ability of transferring the energy from your body to an object outside the body.

How Can I Develop Telekinesis?

It’s not easy and takes a lot of practice, but with an open mind and some motivation, I believe that anyone can learn to develop telekinetic abilities.  Take a look at the page How To Develop Telekinesis if you are interested in learning how to develop this skill.

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