Positive Thinking Techniques

Think Positive

Change the Way You Think

Why Think Positive?

In the section about self-hypnosis, I explained that you must learn to think positive prior to trying any form of self-hypnosis. Keep in mind that self-hypnosis should not be your only motivation when trying to think positive. Just changing your thought process to positive thinking by itself can have great benefits in stress reduction, attitude and more. It is important to first analyze your thoughts to make yourself aware of your negative thoughts then re-structure those thoughts to positive ones.

Everyone catches themselves thinking negatively or irrationally from time to time. Once those thoughts enter your mind, what happens? With most people, those negative thoughts consume their thought process. They start as a small seed and as one dwells on those thoughts, they grow and produce other negative thoughts. Most people barley notice these thoughts until they start consuming their life. It is important to become aware via thought awareness when they occur so you can analyze them.

Thought Awareness

This is a very important step as many of us do not actually realize that all of these negative thoughts are going through our mind. A good method for thought awareness is to think of an upcoming event that may cause stress in your life. Do not attempt to ignore these thoughts or try to make them positive. Instead, just let your mind process them and become aware of your feelings and other thoughts as you process the situation. Write down your feelings and any other thoughts that occur so that you become more aware of your current thought process. Once you start writing down and analyzing your negative thoughts, you will begin to see and become aware of patterns in your negative thinking.

Now that you can see the patterns in your negative thought process, you can now begin to challenge those thoughts that you have identified. Make sure to go through every thought you logged and ask yourself if the thought is reasonable and should really be causing you as much concern as it does.

Challenging Your Thoughts

Now that you are aware of your negative thoughts via the thought awareness process, it’s time to challenge them. Lets take a look at some common negative thoughts that most people experience frequently.

Worries About Others Thoughts or Impressions

Almost everyone goes through this. People often worry about what others might think as a result of their actions, looks, decisions, etc. Have you or anyone you know ever spent more time than necessary trying to make yourself look better because of the worry about what others might think about your appearance? When you start feeling this way, it’s time to challenge this thought to see if it is rational. Are people really going to think badly of you if your hair is not perfect? Are you going to loose friends just because the way you dress? More than likely, the answer to those questions is “no”. Even if you think the answer is “yes”, then there are still positive thoughts you can make out of it. Say things to yourself like: “so what if someone thinks differently about the way I dress, it’s my life!”¬† or “so what if Amy does not like my hair, I like it!”.

 Worries About Performance

Do you find yourself worrying about performance at your job? If you make a mistake or forget how to perform specific job functions, do you worry about what others might think? Most people experience this quite frequently at their workplace. Once you realize these negative thoughts, just ask yourself if you believe you have had adequate training to perform your best in your current position. Ask yourself if you have all the resources necessary to perform your daily functions. If the answer to those is “no”, then just ensure you do what is needed to get appropriate training or acquire the resources you need. If the answer is “yes”, then there is a good chance you are doing the best you can and there is no need for concern.

What’s Next?

If you came to this site interested in hypnosis and self hypnosis, I had advised that it was a good idea to first learn positive thinking techniques prior to trying self hypnosis. When hypnotizing yourself, it is best to rid your mind of negative thoughts before trying it out. Even if you are not interested in self hypnosis, it is still a good idea to be aware of you thought process and become more of a positive thinker.

If you are interested in trying self hypnosis and have practiced some of the positive thinking techniques I have outlined, move on to the Learning Self-Hypnosis section. There you will find methods that can be used for self hypnosis, along with videos, book recommendations and more!

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